Via ESPN Action Sports: Female BMX rider Natalie Wade has started production on the first all-female BMX video. Dubbed “Chick Flick,” the video is set for a Winter 2011 release and will feature full sections from Jessica Ausec, Nina Buitrago, Angie Marino and Wade. “I’ve had the idea for a girl’s video for a few years now. It seems like more and more ladies have been producing Web edits and I thought that there was an interest and need for a full-length video,” says Wade, who has been riding for over six years and is married to X Games BMX Big Air competitor Morgan Wade.

“Whether or not guys agree, there are a lot of gals interested in riding BMX,” says Wade. “I want to make something that not only showcases great riding and inspires more ladies to pick up a bike, but also make a product that girl riders will feel was made specifically for them.”

Wade posted the first trailer for “Chick Flick” on Friday. March 11, and to date, the video has been viewed close to 10,000 times.

Currently a student in Tyler, Texas, Wade says that the majority of the is video already mapped out. “I have literally had that trailer playing in my head the last year and it felt so good to finally get it out! I have the ending credits playing in my head to a certain song and I just can’t wait until I can finish it and get that out as well. I have a mix of music for the rest of the video since the four of us have different personalities. The songs will definitely match the riders,” she says.

Wade initially began riding vert, but has branched out into park riding in recent years. Although riding BMX freestyle is typically male-centric, Wade and a core group of female BMX riders have developed a worldwide network through the Internet, BMX zines and competing in the Women’s class at BMX contests throughout the world.

According to Natalie, the video’s release will push the prominence of female BMXers forward.

To track the video’s progress, Wade launched the official blog for “Chick Flick,” which will include rider bios and updates on filming. Wade is also open to contributions from female BMX riders, and is hoping to compile a friends section of guest female riders for the video. To learn more about the video, or to contribute, please visit the official “Chick Flick” blog.