My search for fierce riders turned up this young lady in China:  Hazel Wong (in Chinese pinyin, it’s pronounced: Wong, Si Yang).  At 19 years of age, she is breaking trails in creating a place for herself on the winner’s list of racers and stunters in her country – and hopefully internationally in a short while.  At the speed she is going, we know we’ll see her there.  

She was kind to share her thoughts on her experiences on riding in China and we translated it here so girls from both English-speaking and Chinese-speaking countries could all understand.  Global riders unite!  We wish you the best Hazel.  Keep us posted!

RRRG: Where are you from in China? 

Hazel:  Yunnan Province in China (southwestern China). 

RRRG: How many years have you been riding? 

Hazel: I started riding at 10 (trail riding) then BMX racing and freestyle…now for a total of nine years. 

RRRG: How did you discover riding?

Hazel: When I was younger, I saw some street riders performing stunts, it was so cool! So then I was determined to save my money to buy a bike and join in! 

RRRG: And how many bikes do you own now?

Hazel : 7 or 8 bikes.

RRRG: Are you competing? If so, what areas and what has been your greatest success?

Hazel:  Right now I have been riding professionally for the last 3 years and won the Asian Championship in Trail Racing.

RRRG: Who helped inspire you the most?

Hazel: First, my mother is my hero; she has been the most supportive in my riding.  Another rider who has made a deep impact is trail bike UCI World Champion Benito Ros and Colombia BMX racer, Marianna Pajon. 

RRRG: At present, is BMX popular in China? If so, are there many girls that ride? 

Hazel: BMX in China right now is popular but not as much as in the US. Girls who ride and compete in BMX are very rare…so if they participate, it’s something to take pride in!

Hazel in the lead

RRRG: Do your parents know of your passions for riding? How do they feel about it?

Hazel: Yes, they know. In the beginning, they were worried. They always think of my safety. And did not support it because they thought it was impossible for a girl to partake in boy’s sports. But in the end, I insisted on riding and I proved my skills to them. Finally, they are impressed! 

RRRG: Do you compete in China? What about internationally? 

Hazel: Definitely.  Right now in BMX racing in China, professional riders are not allowed to compete in amateur freestyle events.  In China, in a year, there aren’t that many races… about six only.  But if you go to the US, there are many, many events…every state has several events in a year.  You’re able to improve your skills and experiences more quickly.  We don’t have these types of national races.  

RRRG:  What is your favorite style of riding? Mountain bike, freestyle, flatland, etc..?

Hazel:  I love all types of riding and events!  You can count me as a fanatic fan of all riding.  And I will try it all!  

RRRG: What are your other hobbies besides riding? 

Hazel:   Drawing/Painting, listening to music..  

RRRG: Can you give some advice on how to ride so professionally?

Hazel: I don’t really have any special advice.  If you really love to ride, then your life will be enriched from it no matter what!

RRRG: In China, is it look down upon for girls to ride in these sports?  BMX, trail racing, flatland, etc?

Hazel: In China, most people can’t accept girls being serious riders; in their eyes, girls will always be inferior to boys…so girl’s BMX, trail racing, etc is not taken seriously or respected.  In racing, it’s the same.  

RRRG:  Do you have any personal stories to share where you were made to feel bad or put down for being a female rider?  What were your reactions?

Hazel: Definitely…when people hear there are girl riders competing they are first almost always surprised.  Many don’t understand.  First, the family will be against it.  Then on the street, if you are riding freestyle, they look down on you like you are a vandal or criminal because you are “breaking the rules” being a woman on a bike doing stunts.  One time at a competition, I was the only girl competing

RRRG: What is your greatest dream? What are your plans in the future? 

Hazel: My dream is to participate in the Olympics!  This is every professional athletes dream.  In the future, I want to assist the development of my passion.  Or start my own club to promote riding to more people! 



我對英勇無懼的摩托車手的搜尋, 指引我找到這位十九歲, 住在中國的 王思楊子 – Hazel.  Hazel 已逐步突破重圍, 成為中國頂尖摩托車好手及讓人讚歎的成功例子. 她國際上的表現及認可也是指日可待. 以她的 “速度”, 成功近在眼前.

 Hazel, 非常熱心的, 把她在中國境內的騎車經驗, 在此與我們分享. 希望讓美語及中語系國家的女孩們, 可以瞭解她的歷程, 跟她一起成長. 國際騎車人員大集合! Hazel, 我們祝妳一切順利! 保持連絡!


RRRG: 你是從中國那裡出生?

Hazel – 王思楊子:  中國雲南

RRRG: 你幾歲開始起BMX?

Hazel – 王思楊子:  歲開始騎攀爬自行車(trail bike)16歲接觸bmx racing與freestyle 現在總共騎了9年。

RRRG: 你真麼發現到這活動?

Hazel – 王思楊子:  歲時在街頭看到一些車手在表演攀爬車過障礙,非常酷,便決心存錢買車加入其中!

RRRG: 你有幾部自行車?

Hazel – 王思楊子:  七,八輛自行車.

RRRG: 你在中國會不會比賽?  你最成功的是在哪一方面?

Hazel –王思楊子:  当然,因為現在是bmx racing職業車手的身份在中國是不被允許參加freestyle的各種業餘比賽,一年中國內職業賽只有很少的6場賽,但去到美國训练每週都會有很多賽事,能更好的提高比赛经验!这是国内没有的。 Right now I have been riding professionally for the last 3 years and won the Asian Championship in Trail Racing.

RRRG:  你喜歡那一種的BMX比賽? (racing, freestyle, flatland, 等)

Hazel –王思楊子所有车型的赛事我都喜欢,能算一个对自行车狂热发烧迷,所有类型自行车我都会去尝试!

RRRG: 誰是對你最有影響的?

Hazel  –王思楊子:  首先是媽媽一直以來最支持我鼓勵我騎車!還有對我影響深的是Trail bike UCI world champion的西班牙車手 Benito Ros 和Colombia的bmx racer Mariana Pajon!

RRRG:  現在在中國BMX流行嗎? 如果是的,有很多女子喜歡嗎?

Hazel –王思楊子 中國現在很流行bmx ,但仍然沒有像美國那樣有很多人知道並加入,尤其是女生就少之又少了,如果中國有女生玩車那一定是件最驕傲的事。

RRRG:  你的父母知道你喜歡BMX嗎?? 他们对你的爱好会想什么?

Hazel  –王思楊子: 是的,開始時他們會很擔心,總為安全考慮很多,也不支持,認為男生的運動女生要做就是不可能,但最後自己堅持騎下去並證明了,父母也終於被我打動!

RRRG:  你有別愛好好嗎?

Hazel –王思楊子:   踩scooter ,画画,听音乐!

RRRG: 請提供意見給車手, 姐妹剛開始了..

Hazel –王思楊子没有什么特别建议,喜欢自行车,只要把它融入你生活的方式里你会得到很多!

RRRG: 在中國,你想大部分的人會不會接受女子會騎真麼厲害? 他們會不會想著活動是一個”男男的”活動?

Hazel –王思楊子: 在中国大部分人不接受女孩骑车,在他们眼里女孩子永远都是柔弱不如男孩,所以女孩玩车不被很多人看好,比赛也是。

RRRG: 你有沒有發現到一個事情,人對你偏見因為你是女人(的關係)。請你告訴我們你的故事。 。你的反應

Hazel –王思楊子: 当有人听到女孩玩车首先就是很惊讶的表情,很多不理解,起初时家人反对,甚至外人看不惯,在街上骑freestyle时路人会很担心我们破坏公物。一次的车友聚会比赛,只有我一个女生参加,在场的男生都看不起我,我比赛是第9个上场,当我自如的过完所有障碍时,全场顿时一片惊讶的声音,让他们看到不一样的女生!

RRRG: 你的最大的夢是什麼? 將來你打算要做什麼?

Hazel –王思楊子:  我最大夢想是能參加奧運會!這也是每一個職業運動員的理想。將來也許我會偏向愛好發展,或許會有自己的一個俱樂部向更多人推廣自行車!