I have an early Xmas gift for ya’ll ….

I’ve collected assorted cool links for your convenience to check out some of the latest goings-on in your world.

Enjoy….and happy holidays :)

1. http://skatelikeagirl.com/
Seattle/SF/Portland focused on events however, all skaters could relate and hear some of the latest news.

2. http://girlsskatenetwork.com/
Awesome site filled with photos, interviews, blogs, events….pure inspiration.

3. http://espn.go.com/action/xgames/summer/2010/news/story?page=x-games-16-women-skate-street-preview
Oldie but good link.  Really cool to get to know some of the ladies who are killin’ it out there.  Great photo gallery.

4. http://business.transworld.net/39209/features/the-women-of-brooklyns-homage-and-bustin-boards-skate-shops/
Great article on a group of young women making a living at what they love….

5. This girl rips. Board, waves, rails, half-pipes, ramps…all-around balls. Hunter Long from one of my home states…Hawaii! Get inspired with Aloha spirit….

6. Excellent trailer – ‘Girls Just Wanna Grind’ by Stark Raving Madeleine (who we featured in the past)