For My Sk8r Girls….

Christine Cauble | December 3rd, 2011 - 8:11 am|

I have an early Xmas gift for ya’ll ….

I’ve collected assorted cool links for your convenience to check out some of the latest goings-on in your world.

Enjoy….and happy holidays :)

Seattle/SF/Portland focused on events however, all skaters could relate and hear some of the latest news.

Awesome site filled with photos, interviews, blogs, events….pure inspiration.

Oldie but good link.  Really cool to get to know some of the ladies who are killin’ it out there.  Great photo gallery.

Great article on a group of young women making a living at what they love….

5. This girl rips. Board, waves, rails, half-pipes, ramps…all-around balls. Hunter Long from one of my home states…Hawaii! Get inspired with Aloha spirit….

6. Excellent trailer – ‘Girls Just Wanna Grind’ by Stark Raving Madeleine (who we featured in the past)

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    Also check out Girl On A Board at

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