I was in NYC for a brief moment after Spain and I just wanted to mention how much I adore the folks at BK Boulders and how unique and mind-blowing the ambience was there – the whole setup is faaaaaantastic.

I got the supreme hook-up that day, thanks to an artist friend who helped paint this massive place (actually several friends and people I knew painted the joint up). They have a slackline to play on too!

I didn’t get roped up because I prefer to work on bouldering problems when I’m at the gym for some funny reason – so I don’t know what the routes were like and didn’t get to feel how they set the problems but the bouldering probs were a great variety. Some were a bit soft for their ratings and some were a little hard….it was a good mix. (some of the hardest gym problems I found to be in Asia – there are a LOT of people in Asia that are strictly gym climbers and so they spend hours on weeks there and are so good with the plastic…also rainy season and high heat and humidity along with access issues are probably factors on keeping folks indoors).

I just went off the subject didn’t I. Oh…okay, where was I? Oh yeah…..

I LOOOOOOOOVE BK Boulders!! If/when I move back out there, I’m a solid member for the times I can’t get out. Thanks you guys! Much love!


Check the shots from my visit:


The walls are to be painted AND climbed!

Woah…where have we seen THIS girl from? Ahhhh…just our site that she helped design. Super fresh (and small world!). Queen Andrea (Andrea Von Bujdoss)

Putting my all into this slackline walk…….c’mon!

Scary what you may find in the NYC sludge-filled subway….