There’s a very cool site out there called that is recognizing female skaters and bikers and other women in action sports. The trailer to one of their documentary videos is above (on girls that skate).

Here are some of the details of The Visibility Project – a project working hard to get more girls and women recognized for their amazing skills:

THE PLAN: This summer we’re traveling all over compiling footage for a
feature length, action packed documentary. We’re filming women in sports, artists, musicians, entrepreneurs, film makers, you name it… if it’s a story worth telling, we’re there to tell it.

The Visibility Project will also feature our own internet channel, SRM-TV. We’ll post short, stylish web videos introducing you to some amazing girls.
Also, a TV series is in the works, and a book won’t be far behind.

THE NEED: There’s a girl who pulls backflips on a 300 pound motorcycle. Most likely you’ve never heard of her. You’ve probably never seen the girls who are landing Mctwists (upside down 540 spins) on skateboards. Nope, they’re not getting a lot of airplay. You’ve probably never heard the story about the 20 year-old girl who started her own cosmetics company, becoming an internet phenomena in the process. She’s just not that interesting to our national media.

In fact, most women are of little interest to corporate executives deciding what products are released to the masses. You won’t see many movies featuring a strong female lead. You won’t see many music festivals featuring female artists. You won’t see many female sporting events on daytime television. But there’s lots of coverage of vapid celebrities falling apart in public. There’s lots of roles for women in tight tank tops in TV and movies. Looking for a commercial featuring drunken girls getting naked in public? Easy to find!

WHAT IS THE VISIBILITY PROJECT? The Visibility Project is an international revolution designed to combat the rapidly degrading influence the media has upon women and girls of all ages.

If our media isn’t going to provide positive role models and feature stories of women doing real things, then it’s up to us. We owe it to ourselves, but especially to our young girls, to provide something more to aspire to than vacuous celebrity preening. The stories are out there, they just need to be shared. All across the world women are rising to meet amazing challenges, they’re focusing their talent and abilities in truly inspiring ways. The Visibility Project is our effort to capture these stories on film, providing a media counter-balance to enlighten and inspire the lives of as many people as possible.

HOW YOU CAN HELP: We need your help to make this happen. So far The Visibility Project has been entirely self funded, but we need to raise more capital to expand. Help us reach our goal of selling 2,000 T-shirts to fund the next leg of the documentary.

However, you can help without spending a penny. The more followers we have, the better chance we have of receiving outside funding for our project. We need to show there is a market for empowering, adventurous female movies, shows, and concerts. Sign up to our mailing list, become a fan on Facebook, subscribe to our YouTube channel and tell everyone you know to do the same. The more people we get involved, the more stories we can share!

MORE INFO: If you would like to know more about The Visibility Project, please contact us: