Hi All,

The site was down for almost two months due to being attacked by malware militants. We’re saved…..thanks to Andreas!

I’m on my way to Kunming, China to finally climb. I have truly, truly missed being outdoors and challenging my body and mind in this perfect venue. It’s been incredibly busy at my day job and that’s why this part of my life has been neglected….

However, I’m excited! I’ve been to China but have yet to see this area in the Yunnan Province. After Kunming, it’s off to Amman, Jordan (where I have visited before) and then to Geyikbayiri, Turkey to climb. Will be posting some updates and no doubt, meet some more inspiring people to give some exposure to.

I have a couple of stories coming up as well so thanks a ton for stopping by!!! If anyone is interested in blogging on their outdoor adventures on here – please contact me! xtine@rockriprollgirl.com

Have fun!!