The banana is one of the champions in work-out fruits. What I mean by that is, it’s a fruit that’s known to give you a great boost of energy and will also help you maintain it if you’re facing a long work-out day. High in natural sugars, it can work quickly to give you that “boost” so take one in a while before a workout and one even after – as they also do wonders for body recovery and muscle repair. This banana-almond smoothie recipe is one that I’ve indulged in countless of times and have shared with friends who are in LOVE with it.

Try for yourself!

You’ll need:

Blender or my personal preference, Magic Bullet
1 banana
2 spoonfuls of almond butter
1 teaspoon raw agave (or you can use honey too)
Almond milk

You really can adjust the ingredients to your taste. If you like the smoothie more watery, add more almond milk, less banana and almond butter. If you want it thick, you may want to add 1.5 or 2 bananas. This becomes like a meal replacement for me. You can also adjust the sweetness yourself….we all have our own personal preferences.

Throw it all in …blend….and there you have it! :) Enjoy and have a good workout!