I don’t get it sometimes.  I constantly see new articles about this new “special diet”…..or this certain food that can help you lose weight…and these types of advertising have been going on since food existed I’m sure (when I used to eat at Wendy’s as a kid, their tables were covered with old advertisements from the 1900’s and there were special diet antidotes on there too).

The point is…it’s just common sense.  Eat less.  Stay active.  Be healthy.

That’s it!  We all can get rich off the idea now; it’s no secret.  I suppose the real secret is having control in a country where sugar is King and all of us serfs are working for a large quantity of sweet stuff.  Don’t let it happen.  Rebel!  You don’t even need to read the bag of the package., unless it makes you feel better…you can automatically assume that the bar of Snickers and the bag of M&Ms has a ton of sugar and corn syrup that is going to assist in aging your body.  There are other products that contain a lot where it’s hidden…such as canned spaghetti sauces, cereals even bread has sugar.  As an alternative, I just buy canned tomato sauce but by now, a lot of us are so used to the sweet taste in our foods that we don’t even notice how hooked we are on it.

Until we leave the country….

On my trips to other countries, where the majority of the population are actually thin or fit (Israel, Denmark, France, China, etc.) I notice after coming back to the US – I am actually conscious of how sweet everything tastes.  It’s great that I don’t have a taste for it as much now due to traveling.

I know it’s easier thought and said than done; especially when there are fast food restaurants and a million goodies to choose from these days.  I mean, shamefully, all these “health food” places carry tons of junk food.

The way I see it……if it’s not processed…it’s fair game (fruit, vegetable).  If it’s processed…..what’s in it?  Rice flour?  Agave?  Or corn syrup?

Treat your body right.  And it will pay off in the end with spending less time in a hospital in later years and more time staying active and fit. :)

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Greek Orzo Salad – one of my favorites:

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