That’s right…far from a Lady of the ocean, a Queen of the Surf. I have come to the understanding that I am at the lowest tier when it comes to skills in the Wave World. Makes me feel a TON more respect for people who have mastered this.

The Triple Crown event is going on up on the North Shore so I will check that out shortly…however the ocean has also been flat up there.

Besides unsurfing, there is tons of biking and hiking around these parts so at least I can feel confident about that. ;) I’ll keep trying my hand at surfing though.

Coming up! Interview with snowboarder/model Gabriel Maiden (Gabby)! Also Szu-Ting; owner/guide/climber of Little Po’s Adventures…..AND other such as snowboarder Toni Fields, climber Cheryl Seger…….I’m super amped to publish these amazing women on the website. I’ll also get onto some women that blaze the single tracks and mountains with their bikes.

Any other suggestions, I’m open. :)

Everyone have a wonderful and safe holiday season and stay tuned!

Gabby goes from this:

to this: