It’s been insane.  My friend, Szu-ting and I have been planning a true adventure together which initially, I wanted to do so. The Great Ride” as we are calling it…to motorcycle across China, south to north.

We will motorcycle from XiShuangBanna in the very south of China (more west) to I’li, China’s very northwest point.  This will take a month we reckon……4,000 miles (6,000KM).  oooo boy, my butt is going to be sore.

It will be amazing as we will see more of the obscure areas of China; more traditional ways, ethnic minority cultures, untouched landscapes…..we can’t wait!

Here is our website for the action:

So far, we may have a sponsorship from Galaxy which is great news.

I’m incredibly busy so sorry for the lapse in blogs. I head to S. America now and will write more later! :)