Parisian Aurore Costabile rolls hard. The 21-year old has been rollerblading almost as long as she has been walking. Awarded a pair of skates as a young girl, she has eventually graduated onto a more aggressive form of skating… sliding across rails, taking leaps and jumps off of whatever she can; the French firecracker explodes in courage and loves what she does with a genuine passion. It’s very evident as we also have an inspiring video attached of her tricks. We were lucky to speak with her to find out more about what she loves in this life:

RRRG: Hi awesome Aurore!

AC: Hi!

RRRG: So how do you call this passion of your in French? In English, we say rollerblading….

AC: In French, we say “Roller Agressif”…or just “Roller”.

RRRG: How long ago did you start rollerblading?

AC: Woah……a long time now! I got my first pair of skates when I was six years old, for Christmas. I always skated but then I got more hardcore into it at the skateparks in 2003. When I first started there were not many girls rollerblading…it was a bit lonely being the only girl. But over time, so many more girls started to begin to learn and now I’m happy that there are a lot of females to skate with! Big up to the girls!!

RRRG: Well, when you were the only girl just learning, were the boys nice to you? How are you treated at the skatepark?

AC: It’s fine! A lot of people are happy to see girls involved in this sport and they are supportive and encouraging. I just prove that girls can be on the same level of boys.

RRRG: What inspired you to start skating more aggressively? Your friends? You saw other girls doing it?

AC: My brother did it and I always wanted to copy him. hahaa….

RRRG: Awww…sweet! Does he still skate?

AC: Regrettably, not anymore. He was a very good skate but he didn’t compete.

RRRG: Do you compete?

AC: Yes, since 2005 I’ve been competing. I try to compete as much as possible because I love it. I’m sure I’ve been in more than 50 events so far.

RRRG: That’s a lot! You are super busy..what areas do you compete in?

AC: I compete in the skatepark, street and sometimes the halfpipe; but I’m bad! It’s so big for my little legs…hahaa….

RRRG: What are the competitions like? Does it get tense with the other girls? Or is it all just fun?

AC: Always fun. I compete for the fun of it, I don’t care about the ranking. For me, the events are only a pretext for travel to a new city or country, to meet new people and skate in a new park and a new spot.

RRRG: That is an awesome perspective to have. Very true! Where have you gotten to travel for competition?

AC: Many countries in Europe like Spain, Switzerland, Holland, England, Belgium, Germany and I went to the USA for the first time. It was a dream to go to the US for the first time! Hopefully I can go to Asia in the future.

RRRG: Well, what are some of the tricks you can do?

AC: Oh so many…..I can’t list them all. A few are, ‘True Top Soup’ on the mini ramp, ‘Top Acid’ and ‘Sunnyday’ on rail, ‘540’ on the jump Box, ‘Back Savannah’ on ledge……I want to learn more flips on the jump box like 720° or 900° if I can.

RRRG: We’ll have your video in this interview too….can’t wait to see you do all those. With all those tricks you’ve learned though, have you been injured in the learning experience of it?

AC: Yes. Actually, right now I am waiting to be operated on. I was injured just two weeks ago. I was trying to learn the 720° on the jump box but I missed and ended up spraining my knee and my cruciate ligament is broken. Yes! Rollerblading is dangerous but we like it!! hahaha…

RRRG: Oh no….when is the operation? How long were you down for and unable to skate?

AC: Thank you for the concern….I am fine though. My knee is doing okay, I can walk and drive now. I will meet with my surgeon this Saturday to decide a date for the operation. After the operation I won’t be able to skate for 6-8 months depending on how it heals.

RRRG: How does that make you feel? Will you be okay?

AC: I will be back stronger and even better on the skates! I’ll be more motivated than ever!

RRRG: You have such a positive attitude. My hero….. I admire your fearlessness. So when you can’t rollerblade, do you have any other hobbies to keep you busy?

AC: I love to just simply be with my friends and my family. And definitely party!!!! hahaha…

RRRG: Of course! Do you have anything you want to say to your friends?

AC: Yes! Sending a big kiss to my friends. Big ups to all the girls who are skating and thanks very much to my sponsors, NEW ERA and the FREESTYLE FORWARD shop. And to everyone, keep rollerblading for the pleasure of it all!

Interview and article by Christine Cauble 12/15/09