Sweet, sweet, sweeeeeeeet! UK’s first ever movie on female skaters by Jenna Selby.

And we have one of our own…interviewees, that is, in it: Helena Long.

Watch until the end as Helena launches off for a jump, lands it……….but a lil wheel escapes from her board. hahahaa……good stuff. :)


Over the past year all the prominent riders in the UK have been busy filming for the first UK female skate film.

Riders featured include – Helena Long, Maria Falbo and Georgi Winter, Lucy Adams, Sadie Hollins, Laura Goh, Emma Richardson, Lois Pendlebury, Rebecca Davies, Emily Russell, Dani Mellor and Sam Bruce; plus 4 Euros, 1 American and a bunch of other sweaty UK-ers representing in the friends section.

Vert and freestyle, UK legend, Sue Hazel has a special section showcasing her skating from over 3 decades.

A skateboarding film by Jenna Selby

DVD can be bought here: www.rogueskateboards.co.uk
As If, And What? – Film Trailer from Rogue Skateboards on Vimeo.